Xuimod (xposed mod) 2.1.1

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Xuimod (xposed mod) 2.1.1
• Add Customizable Color for Overscroll Glow
• Add Option to disable Overscroll Glow
• Move IME Animation to separate screen
• Fix Color Picker not saving transparency properly
• Fix Lockscreen Mods on Kitkat
• Fix BatteryBar not shown on JB+ (already in v2.0.1)
• Improve ListView Animation Up/Down Position Code
• Add Spanish Translation (thanks to @viruslaura)
• Add French Translation (thanks to @Micks29)
• Update Portuguese [BR] Translation (thanks to @LaraCraft304)

Versión: 2.1.1
Requiere Android: 4.0 o superior
Categoría: Herramientas

Resumen: IMPORTANT: This app require ROOT and Xposed installer. otherwise it wont have any effect.
After use, reboot required.

Xuimod (xposed mod) Xuimod (xposed mod)

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[MOD][XPOSED][4.0+] XuiMod v2.1 – ListView Anim, BatteryBar, SecondsClock (and more) for Xposed Framework


(A Small Collection of Unique Features Ported From Other Roms and Some by Me.)

Features of this Module
• Seconds in StatusBar Clock (eg. 10:59:59am)
(Customizable with SimpleDateFormat, Boldable and Option for Upercase/Lowercase )

• BatteryBar (grabbed from PACman ROM)
•Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)

• Xylon Transitions Animation (grabbed from Xylon ROM -xylon_grouper_011_12-08-2012.zip to be exact)
• TN Transitions Animation (slightly modified)
• Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
• TokoROM Animations

•AOKP Animation Controls
•Custom IME Animations
•Custom Toast Animations

• ListView Animation (from RootBox)
• ListView persistent cache (Please experiment with this. Slower phones will have more noticeable effects.)
• Blacklist Apps from using ListView Animation

• Volume Disable in Lockscreen
(Useful for those who have volume wake. Don’t want my pocket to change Ring Mode during meetings. Don’t want to disable volume wake too, my power button is dying)

• Lockscreen Torch (inspired from mods for Samsung Phones)

• Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (from TeamBAKED) for Android 4.2 and above only
• Classic Recents / Gingerbread App Switcher (from SlimRoms)

• Scrolling Mods
(Allows you to enable hidden overscroll bounce and customize scroll feel)
(Customize color of overscroll glow)

• Have Xposed Framework installed

This module is not possible without:
rovo89 for Xposed Framework, Xposed Documentation
Tungstwenty for Codes
C3C076 for more code
MoKee ROM for ListView Animation
RootBox for merging ListView Animation Commits into a Single one.
Xylon ROM for Transitions Animation XMLs
PACman ROM for BatteryBar Codes
Dzakus for code contributions
DeFcOn for TN transitions zip
SlimRom for Classic Recents
TeamBAKED for Quick Settings Tile Color
AOKP for Scroll Velocity & Friction Mods.
Jason Fry for Android Overscroll Blog Post & Code

XDA:DevDB Information
XuiMod, a App for the No Device


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