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SpeedRead With Spritz APK DescargarGoogle Play – You don’t have to switch to our app every time you want to speed read. SpeedRead With Spritz works with any app that has “text to speech” technology. When you’re ready to start speed reading, simply hit the text to speech button, and you’re off. Switch back whenever you want to take a break.

SpeedRead With SpritzSpeedRead With Spritz
Versión:Requiere Android:
1.0614.0 o superior
Categoría: Libros y obras

Easy set-up
After you download the app, follow the prompts to log in to your Spritz account and switch your text to speech settings, and you’re ready to speed read. Spritz technology is simple and intuitive, so there’s no long tutorial or steep learning curve.

Unlimited possibilities
SpeedRead With Spritz works with any format that your favorite e-reader can handle, allowing you to read ePub books, online articles, PDFs and more. Furthermore, there’s no limit to your speed. Want to read at 500 wpm? 1,000? 2,000? Go for it! We allow you to crank the speed as high as you want – the only limit is your ability.

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